Here's how it works! 

The Process itself is SIMPLE!

  1. Clients fill in and submit a job lead request via our Find a VA Form.

  2. Details are posted to our Virtual Assistants at Find a VA Facebook Group

  3. Quality Certifed* VAs who are interested and wish to submit an EOI will need to follow the instructions contained on the job lead post in the Facebook group.

  4. Our team will confirm that the VAs who have submitted EOIs have services that match the skills sought by the Client.

  5. Notification is sent to VAs whose submissions are shortlisted^, together with the client's information.

  6. The Client will receive a notification that there are a number of suitable VA candidates ready to view.

  7. The Client is then able to deal directly with the VAs who have submitted an EOI.

^ We do not warrant that we will supply any VAs details to any person. It is completely within our discretion whether to forward a VAs details to a requester or not. We are not under any obligation to pass on any VAs details. All EOIs will be taken to have been submitted on this understanding.​