Frequently asked questions

Why not Offshore VAs?

The answer to that question is super easy... Quite simply, we believe that Australian Virtual Assistants offer our Australian business quality, experience, timely and relevant admin support which brings with it the following advantages

  • Australian VAs understand intimately the Australian business culture and climate
  • Australian VAs speak 'Australian' English, and understand the nuances and meanings that many overseas providers simply can't grasp, no matter how good their English is
  • Australian VAs work in the same time zone as you, operate under the same laws you do, and carry insurance to protect themselves and you as their client
  • You can trust Australian VAs to actually have a conversation with your customers if required
  • Australian VAs can also often be available 'in person' if required for on the ground support.

Does "Find a VA" charge any fees?

For the User (i.e. the person or business owner seeking a Virtual Assistant) the service is completely free. For Virtual Assistants, we do charge a fee, and these details are explained on the "How to become Approved" page on the Find a VA website.

What happens once I find my VA?

You deal directly with your VA from that point on - we step back and let you take over.